100 days

Lire ce billet en français

Tomorrow marks the 100th day that’s passed since the beginning of Remote Year. One hundred days since I scanned my one-way plane ticket to Croatia. One hundred days since I saw my friends, the majority of my family (my mom came to visit last week, yay!) and my coworkers. One hundred days since I ate a (real) Montreal bagel or poutine, drank a latte from Pikolo, Maesmi or Café Névé.

Three months – almost four – that I woke up without an alarm. And that I didn’t drink a kava, kava or cafe. Three months of I discovering cities and landscapes, that I had only seen on Instagram and Pinterest. Three months of working 100-percent remotely, a concept that some people still find hard to understand. (And sometimes, I do too.)

Fourteen weeks where I spent most of my days with more than 50 people who were complete strangers, not so long ago. Fourteen weeks of making new friends with whom I will travel the globe with. And fourteen weeks of making new local friends in new cities, only to have say goodbye to them when our next travel day arrives. Fourteen weeks of having new roommates every month, where I sleep in a new bed and search for the closest grocery store.

In short, 100 days that both went at lighting-speed and at a snail’s pace (don’t try to understand, even I find that hard). Three months filled with emotions, highs and inevitably, lows.

Fourteen weeks of learning about myself through this proximity with a host of new personalities. And possibilities.


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