5 Go-To Apps – 2nd Edition

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The second edition of five apps that I use almost every day and that make my life a whole lot easier!


Until Adam, a fellow Remote with whom I’m travelling with told me about this app; I belonged to the category of travellers incapable of sleeping on a plane. The very first time I used it as white noise while I was reading and promptly fell asleep within 10 minutes. In short, it probably spared me during my journey of 30+ hours between Lisbon and Kyoto.
Binaural mobile app
The app uses binaural beats to send two different frequencies at the same time which somehow relaxes the brain. It all sounds very sci-fi, but trust me, it’s fantastic! You should give it a try!

(iOS only)

FIO—Figure it Out

The farther I go, the more the maths of time difference evades me. FIO (Figure it out) makes the whole things more transparent and easily accessible in a Chrome tab. Just add the cities that you want to track and boom, you’ll be able to see the time as well as the time difference in colourful columns.

(fioapp.co Google Chrome extension)

Time Buddy

Similar to FIO, Time Buddy displays different time zones. The difference is that it allows you to move within those time zones, for example, it lets me know what time it will be in Montreal when I wake up tomorrow in Kyoto (answer, very late). The app also syncs with your calendar, making it easy to see your appointments as well as scheduling calls with people back home.

Time Buddy mobile app

(iOS and Android)


Another essential for me, and it should be for anyone working on the road, a VPN. The connections at our workspaces and apartments are secured, but since I like working in cafes or even in parks, I often find myself using unsecured Wi-Fi. That’s where the VPN comes into play and secures my life. I also sometimes stumble upon websites that I can’t access outside of Canada, the VPN allows me to change my IP address to one in Canada or any of the 20 other countries available in the app.
Tunnel Bear VPN
There are tons of different VPNs out there, but I’ve been using this one for a few years now, and it’s doing the job while having adorable bears.

(iOS, Android, Mac or PC)

Google Translate

By far the app that I use the most! The camera can translate live and directly superimposed on any text. It also saved me from buying smoked eggplants when I thought it was tea…
Google Translate Mobile
(iOS and Android)

Let me know if you end up using one of these apps or if you have new ones to suggest!


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