3 tips to sleep on a plane

Sleeping on a plane, a myth?

Until very recently, I was of the category of people who can’t sleep on planes. Thankfully, along my last months with Remote Year, I picked up a few tips, and I am now a pro. I will now proceed to share with you what works for me, and hopefully, it will help you out on your next flight!

1 – The right seat

The window seat, away from the traffic of the aisle, will give you the best chances at a good nap. The wall or the window is also a better option to lean on compared to the shoulder of the stranger in the middle seat.

2 – The right gear

My life changed when I started using a neck pillow (I use this one), but I know it’s not everyone’s thing. If you tend to get cold, bring a blanket or ask the flight attendants. An eye mask also helps if the lights of the cabin don’t dim or if your neighbour keeps his reading light on. Ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones are also a must for me (I have these).

I also mentioned in a previous blog post that I use the app Binaural as white noise.
Binaural mobile app

3 – Timing is everything

You’re comfortable and warm in your seat, your go-to white noise sounds in your ears, and you are seconds away from falling asleep when you are being asked what you want to drink. It’s preferable to wait until the drink service is over and the other passengers have settled in their seats.

Voilà! Nothing too fancy, but these are the three tips that work for me. What helps you sleep on a plane?


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