My 4 Favourite Coffee Shops in Split

Pour lire ce billet en français, c’est ici.

If you already know me or follow me on Instagram (which you should), you won’t be surprised to know that I love coffee. Back at home, one of my favourite things to do on the weekends is to coffee new coffee shops. I’m now more than happy to be able to extend my coffee shop discoveries to an international level! Here are a few places I enjoyed in Split:

Caffe-restoran Dvor

This spot is worth it for the view alone! I went for breakfast and had a scrumptious bacon omelette while looking at the ocean and the swimmers. The restaurant is open all day long and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The beach below is the only sandy beach that I was able to find in Split, all the other ones are rocky beaches. No sand in your bikini but, painful on your feet!

4coffee soul food

While looking for coffee shops in Split, this one was on every list of spots to check out! I was very excited to stumble on it by chance on my first walk in Old Split. 4coffee soul food is a small counter that only serves coffee to-go. The coffee is fantastic, and you will probably find their grains in other places in the city, as they seem to be the main coffee distributor in the area.

Bistro Toć

I fell in love with this little restaurant hidden outside the Old Town! I went for breakfast with Veronica who is vegan, and she was verrrry happy to see that they have an extensive vegan menu. I recommend this spot if you’re looking a quiet place to talk and eat.

My #1 Spot: D16 Specialty Coffee

D16 Specialty Coffee

D16 is officially my favourite coffee shop in Split! The wifi is decent, fast enough to do some work, probably not reliable enough for video calls, but they serve 4coffee soul food coffee, which is terrific. There are 3-4 small stools in the alley to sit outside and more room inside, but most people take their orders to go. I was bummed to discover this place only in my last week there, and since, I went four times. Many locals go every day and stay for several hours talking. They also serve beer, which makes things more interesting considering that they’re open until 10pm.

One extra – Corto Maltese Freestyle Food

This one doesn’t really count because I only drank tea… The theme of the restaurant is based on an Italian (not sure) comic book whose main character is a sailor, so all the dishes names follow this theme. I ate what resembled French toasts with apricot jam and Earl Grey tea. The terrace is a good spot for people watching! AND this restaurant is right across from the best bakery in town.


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